Chris D.

I began working with Rachel in 2014 as a referral from a friend who had worked with her in the past and raved about her experience.  Having never worked with a trainer previously, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Rachel certainly lived up to her end of the bargain and I couldn’t have been more pleased! From the outset, Rachel made it very clear that her goal and approach was to work to give me the tools to succeed. 

We discussed fitness goals, and she tailored both a workout routine and supplemental diet to coordinate and compliment what I was doing in the weight room.  Rachel’s mantra was: “if you’re not careful, you can eat your way out of any workout”.  As simple as that statement is, I believe this was my biggest take away from the experience; learning about not only “how” to eat, but to take the time to learn about what is actually “in” the food that you eat. 

Clean eating, as she refers to it, is a major key to succeeding. Rachel very clearly loves what she does, is fully and entirely dedicated to fitness, and wants to help make the world morr fit….one person at a time.  She took the time to make sure I understood what I was doing, was always available for help and questions, and made me feel like I was her primary focus.  I believe it was her dedication that helped keep me on track and motivated and I would highly recommend Rachel and her approach.  If you want to succeed, she’s your way to getting there!

P.S. I started at over 33% body fat and ended at 17% in 12 weeks. Something I am very proud of. Thanks Rach!