Jessica D.

I could not speak more highly of my experience personal training and nutrition coaching with Rachel! 

Rachel took time to come to our gym and walk me through the machines and a customized workout routine as well as educated me on proper body mechanics for weight lifting. She also adjusted and re-adjusted my meal plan to help me meet my personal goals for getting into better shape. Under Rachel's coaching I ran the fastest and longest distances I have than any other time in my life! 

Beyond weight lifting, Rachel is truly focused on mind and heart change. She pours into each one of her clients and makes sure you're being filled from the inside so that you can have a healthy mindset! She made a lifelong impact on me and my lifestyle, and helped me be more confident in my skin but also approach life in a more balanced way! 

Prior to coaching with Rachel I really didn't like taking pictures and I would have been extremely nervous to do a photo shoot that my husband and I were asked to do for a book cover. However, I felt so much more confident after training with Rachel that I was able to relax and have fun with it!