Molly J.

I remember being inspired by Rachel before I even truly knew her and then once I got to know her, it was game over...I was hooked to having her in my life! I was watching her fitness journey from afar and decided to take a leap of faith and see what this was all about. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt like she truly listened to my fitness goals and life goals, which is not something a lot of trainers do. She wanted me to feel fulfilled as a whole person, so she really held me accountable in various aspects of my life - physical, spiritual, mental, emotional. She also helped create a healthy and humble balance between fitness and life, which I am forever grateful for that approach.


My time with Rachel will always be so special to me; it's in these moments that I felt truly proud of myself and my accomplishments. She gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to be successful in my health journey. I am currently on my third round of training with Rachel and once again, it's going wonderfully! I have previously done a 12 week meal/workout plan, then proceeded to train for my first bikini show because honestly, I was just curious if I could....and I did! Thanks to Rachel! Currently, I am doing an 8 week meal plan to try and get the last of my post baby weight off. I literally could go on and on about how grateful I am for Rachel and her heart to do what she does. She is the whole package. She is not JUST a trainer for fitness goals to me, she is a life coach!